Alexandra Park 9s 3 – EBOG 8s 1

Minor Division 5 North | November 30, 2013

Yessssssssssssssss, get in.

A delightful result with quality all over the park. This week I can give no unfortunate story of a loss, covered in depression and dipped in self deprecating commentary. Instead a happy story of victory and effort. From the outset we started well with a new team and a last minute balanced formation. In one of our most pleasing performances of the season we dominated from start to finish, minus one great passing move from the opposition.

In a truly lovely victory everyone deserves naming and they will do. The defence played very solidly, Uli and Sam Heath linking up well and covering each other when either one went on a rampage up the field. Uli swept quite brilliantly. Alongside those two giant performances at CB, the full backs of Ram and Joe defended solidly, their main benefits were that both being comfortable on the ball passed well up the field and in to the middle giving us much more possession. Lots of our forward play was started on the flanks from our FBs. Then it comes to the Midfield, a strong trio of Matt Brabon, Dillon Boyake and Chris Wilson. Often at this level the matches can be won and loss by who dominates the central midfield, and on this day, we most certainly did. With Chris and Matt both great on the ball, they passed in triangles well linking up with Dillon to create attacking threats. Indeed they were all unlucky not to score more and increase our goal tally in this game. Great wing play by Niall Joyce, Mounir and Axel meant we always had an attacking threat on the wings. Tracking back was excellent throughout the game from the wingers and they passed well and gave the midfield centres plenty of support and options. Then it comes to the attack, Chris Fletcher, a club stalwart worked hard from start to finish. His position was excellent, his team play was excellent and it was the best team performance I have seen from him. He was duly rewarded with a goal. I almost forgot to mention our keeper, who had a relaxed game, but was solid at two key stages of the game when we came under slight pressure. His football boots were so impressed by his performance they retired on the spot, by quite literally breaking off his feet. He soldiered on to play the remaining twenty minutes with a boot like a ducks mouth.

There are 2 special mentions; with Dillon who I gave MoM for his delightful goals and strong effort and flair throughout the game, although it was as tough a decision you could hope for. The second mention of course goes to Nigel Bagley, with 2 minutes to go and no referee, Nigel stepped in. Probably the most consistent performance of the day, Nigel made fair and solid decisions throughout. It helps with a friendly opposition in EBOGs.

I am carrying a torn muscle which I have had acupuncture, ultrasound therapy and healing baths to get playing for AP, it means that much, but I learnt that you don’t need to be playing all the time to get the enjoyment of the win.

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