Note for Captains

Could all captains please remember that a SAL or AFA Team Sheet needs to be handed in to your referee 20 mins before kick off.

Both teamsheets can be downloaded from the documents section on this website

Cry-off [verb]

definition: To cancel something that one has previously arranged with someone.

Sorry, but I have to cry off the game on Saturday, as my mother-in-law is coming to visit.

We’ve had a great start to the season but there seems to be some confusion over what to do if you can’t play.

If, during the week, you find out you can’t play or even that you might not be able to, please let your captain know, so he can decide how big a squad to pick.

If for some reason you have to drop out after the newsletter has come out, this is called ‘crying off’ and there is a process to follow. As well as your captain you must let that week’s nominated CRY OFF person know as soon as possible. This person is named each week in the newsletter and is responsible for managing drop-outs across the club and finding replacements for each side.

Only in exceptional circumstances is it acceptable to cry-off on a Saturday, so please let the cry-off contact know by Friday at the latest if you’re unable to play. CRY OFFS will be dealt by a different person each week on a Rota basis.

Also if you are on the reserve list and do want a game, try giving the cry-off person a call. He may be able to fix you up with one.

Weekend Fixtures

To cry off this week call Eric on 07909 090171

Senior Division 1Meet 1.45pm @ Preston Manor, HA9 8NA
2’sAwayvOld Esthamieans
Intermediate Division 2Meet 2pm @ Old Esthamieans, E15 3BT
3’sAwayvCrouch End Vampires 3’s
Junior Division 2Meet 2pm @ Crouch End Vamps, N10 1JP
4’sAwayvBroomfield 4s
AFA Minor CupMeet 2pm @ Broomfield, N21 3AU
5’sNo Game
6’sHomevWinchmore Hill 8’s
Minor Division 4 NorthMeet 1.45pm @ Preston Manor, HA9 8NA
7’sHomevOld Parkonians 8’s
Minor Division 4 NorthMeet 1.30pm @ New River, N22 5QW
8’sHomevAlexandra Park 9’s
Minor Division 5 NorthMeet 1.30pm @ Racecourse, N22 7ST
9’sAwayvAlexandra Park 8’s
Minor Division 5 NorthMeet 1.30pm @ Racecourse, N22 7ST
10’sHomevOld Woodhousians’s
FriendlyMeet 1.30pm @ Albert Rd, N22