Alexandra Park 9s 5 – Crouch End Vampires 7s 1

Minor Division 5 North | September 14, 2013

Scorers: Kortevoss (3), Mounir, Raxworthy

For my first game as captain and for the first game ever for the 9s I wanted a solid, safe start. Little did I know, I’d get a much better start than I could of hoped. At New River we came, we saw and we conquered the crouch end vampires.

It was genuinely a great performance all round, made extra pleasing by the efforts everyone showed. Turning up on time, helping with the nets and the flags, not complaining, no attitude, great teamwork. You can’t ask for more than that to start with.

Chris O’Hare had a stormer at left back, defending well and attacking at the perfect times. Mitchell lee in his first game in defence really bedded in to the role. Big Jan up front tore the defence to shreds. It’s would be too lengthy to mention all the squad, as worthy as they all are.

With regards to the game, we started on top and we finished on top, we could of got double the goals we ended with.

No complaints from that start. I now have a week in Vegas whilst Bagley leads the 9s to another performance. The strength in depth is frightening at AP, this stands us in good stead going forward!

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