Art exhibition

New AP Goalkeeper Guilherme Gustavo Condeixa is curating an art exhibition on the 5th of September. For more details visit the facebook event page at

A friendly reminder from AP Treasury Richard Gibbs

There are still a number of players who owe money from last season. Most have been contacted by e-mail (with an underwhelming response). Suffice to say that anyone who owes the Club any money will need to clear their debts in full by the 24th September or they won’t be selected for any side.

Weekend Fixtures

FriendlyMeet 1pm @ EBOG, EN5 2PU
FriendlyMeet 3pm @ EBOG, EN5 2PU
FriendlyMeet 1pm @ EBOG, EN5 2PU
FriendlyMeet 3pm @ EBOG, EN5 2PU
5/6’sHomevOld Owens
FriendlyMeet 12.30pm @ New River, N22 5QW
7’sHomevOld Lyonians
FriendlyMeet 12pm @ New River, N22 5QW
8’sHomevOld Parkonians
FriendlyMeet 2pm @ New River, N22 5QW
9’sNo Game