Who are you? John Murphy

Joined AP? 2008

GoalkeeperSteve EdelmanJust gets the nod ahead of Andy Siveright. Has single handedly kept us in games and has produced some of the best saves I’ve seen out of a goalie at this level.
Left BackColin O’DonnellPlayed my first season at the club in the 4s with Smudger in charge. 3-5-2 says it all. Played alongside Colin for the season and he would always get the better of his forward.
Centre backDoug RiceLikes a good ol moan but is a great defender. Surprisingly quick and is always good for an Irish potato joke!
Centre BackGary JonesOld school centre half who loves cleaning out ball and man, normally in a pretty fair way.
Right BackPat McGloganMust have learned everything he knew about defending during his time in Italy. Calm under pressure and always seems to get a tackle in when required. Is fuelled for 90 mins of football by a bottle of lucozade and a pouch of tobacco.
Left midfieldSeb BellNot really a left midfielder but he has to get into the team somewhere for being a pain in the ass all the time for the oppo. Can play anywhere on the pitch and always gives 100%
Central midfieldJed WoodKeeps running all day long causing mayhem in midfield. Chips in with some valuable goals when required and was normally one of the better players on the pitch when he played for the 3’s and 4’s.
Central midfieldStephen GlynnOnly played at the club for a season and a bit. Somehow never lost a header for the size of him. Like Paddy Mac runs on lucozade and a pouch of tobacco. Always good for a pint after the match.
Right MidfieldJimmy LambertHas slowly turned more miserable as the pressures of management and “throw in gate” have got to him! As his pace has now deserted him uses his experience and intelligence to make time for himself so he can spray the ball around the midfield.
Centre ForwardAlex TabramLearnt everything he knows in the 4s before moving up the teams. A good finisher who’s scored some belters for us.
Centre ForwardJohn GattenbyWhat a pest. 100% effort all the time. Makes life an absolute nightmare for defenders. Would hate to have to mark him in a match. Oh ya, he scores the odd goal or two a game also.
SubsAndy Siveright, Alex Reynolds, Stuart Johnson, Leon Brown, Jacko!
ManagerMark Smith – just to see him dressed ala Martin O’Neill in those lovely grey shorts. Great man to have in charge of any team, makes all players feel welcome and always plays with a smile on his face.


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