Who are you?  Dave McLoughlin – Chairman, 2’s Skipper and Defensive Rock

Joined AP? 2006

GoalkeeperCHRIS SIMPSONGreat Great Keeper. Had an exocet of a kick and one of the finest shot-stoppers I have ever seen. A fellow FFC fan, we have really missed him this season. Also a very, very angry man.
Left BackPAUL MORUZZIMoruzzi is a top boy who always gives you a 7/10 performance on the pitch, no matter where he was playing. Also had a pleasant but slightly unnerving habit of greeting each member of the team in the shower naked to discuss what had gone before on the pitch. Away days with he and Janno At each other are stuff of legend.
Centre backALEX JEATERIt really pains me to put this idiot in, as I don’t really like him. In fact, he really annoys me. However, I am rushing, he will not get a mention ever otherwise and he plays alongside me at the moment. I cannot bring myself to say anything good about him, apart from he is quite good at doing fouls on the sly. Also has an annoying habit of stopping while we are defending to moan at the referee. Plank.
Centre BackTONY BENTAnother who is here because more obvious choices have already been mentioned and time pressures! Spends most of his time at the club moaning at me, telling me what a rubbish captain/chairman/footballer I am. But, to be fair, has turned the club around from seeking re-election to an excellent shout of promotion to Senior Division 1. Also gave away a penalty in each of the first 4 games I played with him. All Handballs – makes sense that he has now reinvented himself as a keeper.
Right BackWILL IRVINEUp and down the line like a metronome. No-one would cover more ground during a game then Will. Impressed us all with his line in the film Green Street – 5 words – 2 of which were the 2 rudest swears you can say. Trivia fans may also be interested that he once tried to chat up my then girlfriend at my 25th birthday party.
Left midfieldBEN CARTERThe most skilful player I have ever played with. Ben did not score rubbish goals – they were always 30 yard volleys or overheads. Sorely missed at the top end of the club – hoping to get him back into the fold next season.
Central midfieldCRAIG GAFFNEYTenko’ typified everything you want in a midfielder – ran all day, brave, strong and occasionally popped up with a goal. Could probably still play at the top end of the club even though retired a few seasons. Another who had excellent banter.
Central midfieldDAVE BROOKLYNA true ‘Trequartista’ – Brooko only graced us for 1 season in the 2nd XI but he oozed quality. Scored some cracking goals, but most of the time absolutely just ran the show. Was a really cool Mod as well – long before Bradley Wiggins.
Right MidfieldLES MANUThe fastest thing I have ever seen. Les terrorises fullbacks who quite often make the mistake if getting square to him – do this and he will own you. Hoping he will be playing for AP a long time as he is only a youngster!
Centre ForwardTOIB OLOMOWEWEToib was the Drogba of the club when I first joined. Part of the infamous ‘Camden Crew’, availability was patchy, but on his day was up there with the best the league has to offer. Frighteningly intelligent.
Centre ForwardMATT KELLYHasn’t had a mention so far but he joining the club has been one of the catalysts of the change in fortunes of the first XI – simply a forward who knows how to score. Also a key component in the first XI drinking culture ala Man United in the mid-80’s.
SubsJustin Mylnarski(GK), Rich Hancock, Mike Graves, Mark Smith, Tom Spencer
ManagerFarhad Shahidi – just for laughs..

Dream Teams