Alexandra Park 3s 3 – Weirside Rangers 3s 0

SAL Junior Div 2 | February 23, 2013

Scorers: Brade(2), Eastwood

The following account may or may not be true due to the fact that our mighty skipper gave me most of the information.

What is fact is that I was waiting at New River with the kit, the flags, the nets and the oppo after having been to work in the morning. I was eventually joined by players who were not regulars in our squad, probably why they were relatively on time. With less than half hour to go nets still needed putting up players needed their laces tied and apparently their *rses wiped as well.

Consequently no warm up to speak of, not much time for a decent team talk either, this on top of cry off issues meant I felt a little hacked off to say the least, I just did not have time to give you guys both barrels, but here they are now. Firstly others put a lot of effort to ensuring you have football, secondly Kurt and I then put a lot of effort to make sure your Saturday is as enjoyable as possible. All you have to do is turn up in plenty of time to ensure we can approach the game in a relaxed (that bit you are good at) manner and be focused. This means putting nets etc up when at home and not ambling up to the pitch to avoid the chore and let others do it. The fact that Will came along as spectator and ends up helping says it all. We all have a laugh and a joke which is great, but this season the responsibility avoidance has been taken to a level I have not seen for many a year. How would you cope without all the behind the scenes stuff done by us before your Mum opens the curtains and brings your breakfast to you on a Saturday morning. As Arsene said “you will miss us when we are gone”. Just pull your collective fingers out please.

To the game… I nearly forgot. Managing to get 12 players out thanks to Leon answering an SOS seemed a minor miracle in its self. We started with Andy in goal, Fevzi, Gary, Leon and Ziggy across the back. Midfield of Jermaine, new boy Tim, Adam and Ashley. Aso played as the attacking midfielder behind Kurt. Karl started as sub. We started well keeping possession with some tidy passing especially across the back and into midfield. The pitch although dry was a little bobbley and the ball did not always run well. Weirside were a different kettle of fish to our first meeting and showed plenty of grit and desire to attack when possible and worked hard in defence. The guys up front were trying different moves with Kurt and Ash swapping positions and this looked effective and our best work came down the left. For twenty five minutes the game was hard fought and although we created openings real chances were scarce. Then Kurt and Aso worked some wondrous one twos (so I am told) down the left before the ball was laid off to Ash just left of centre who thumped a low drive into the corner. This gave us real impetus and it was not long before a Weirside attack was thwarted after Kurt battled back (can I get a second opinion please) and won the ball. He drove down the left drawing in defenders, he lays off to Ash on the corner of the box and then looks for a return. Due to the run off the ball he draws the defenders leaving Ashley the opportunity lash home a beauty from the corner. Hey guys look what can happen when you run off the ball….amazing. The third swiftly followed after Kurt and Jermaine swapped passes leaving Kurt to stride into the area (I definitely need a second opinion now) where he was tackled from behind, the ball broke to Jermaine who hit a first time shot low into the corner. Apparently it would have been a penalty anyway. 3-0 and the game looked won as Weirside had caused little trouble in the danger zone, mainly due to some stout and swift defending from Gary and Leon.

Second half and it should have been a case of how many? Karl came on for Jermaine…oh no he didn’t he came on for Kurt who volunteered himself off the pitch to join Molly and Kia in the AP crèche, even though he was playing really well. The second half unfortunately passed me by and I am told it was a bit of a non event after the goals of the first half. Plenty of huff and puff but we seemed happy with a win and Weirside seemed happy to have conceded only three. I think the crèche provided slightly more excitement, with potential pitch invasions from the smallest member of the group, Molly in the middle bending my ear with tall tales and bending my back with piggy backs. The eldest member at 30+ having thrown all the toys out the pram, spat out the dummy, stamped his feet and spent the half bleating more than a flock of sheep was only placated by the final whistle (before you ring/text/email me Kurt remember history is written by the victors or in this case the guy who can string a sentence together….just). Regardless of all this it was a good win and our first clean sheet of the season so that deserves some credit. The whole back five were excellent, although there will be much tougher days ahead. Everyone played well although at times well within themselves. Tim had a good debut, ensuring possession was not wasted. Adam and Aso were their industrious selves, although Aso was glad to be as far away from the back line as possible. Ash as usual kept us ticking along in the goal department.

That was the last of the relatively easy games, every one now will be a physical and mental battle on a higher level starting with Vamps. Every ball has to be fought for, every defender chased down, anything half hearted will not cut the mustard from now on in. Nine games of fight, passion, sweat, desire and heart. Give these things for the hallowed Orange and Black and we have given ourselves a real chance.

I would like to thank Will for his pitch side assistance with the juniors and his UN peacekeeping mission with the seniors. A real Doctors bedside manner and he took the kit…quality. Thanks also to Sly and Michael for coming along to watch although I think they may need to be a bit more hands on with the 3s crèche.


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