Scorers: Keverne 2 , Rogan , Blade

On a day when it was actually colder inside the Crouch End Vampires changing room than outside I had to admire the optimism of John Scantlebury as he pulled the cord on the wall heater. Needless to say the heater remained off and John was just left with the cord in his hand. We were lucky that Crouch End picked the pitch nearest the woods to provide some shelter from the biting wind, or was that just from the Vamps?

We started with a confidence that comes from wining two in a row in the league and great work by David in the tackle saw him win the ball and Tom scored in the first minute to put us one up. Derek then pulled something shortly after the goal ,which given the amount of hot rub he had plastered all over himself came as a real surprise to all of us, just goes to show that there is no substitute for a real warm up. Anyway given its lack of effectiveness I think I would ask for my money back Del boy. This was a big loss as Derek has been a key man this year and it was left to Robert (supporting a pair of gloves , whatever happened to real men playing this game) to take his place in midfield.

Vamps then really started to get after us by playing balls over our full backs or to their very hard to handle forward who was then launching attack after attack. We conceded 2 goals from this approach and it took a great long range shot from Tom to bring us level at half time. The Skipper then joined Derek in pulling something and another reshuffle took place. We started the second half as we had the first by closing down players and creating chances. A passing move saw Arron finish with a great volley and Vamps started to fall apart. It was left to Robert to score the final goal with a chip from 25 yards to make it 3 wins from the last 3. We were helped by the fact that Vamps changed the way they played in the second half and didn’t really threaten us. Overall another solid performance, with Olly again having a great game at centre back. This league never gets any easier, but we have a really good team this year, so let’s take the form of the last 3 games to the league leaders this weekend

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