Yet again I stare down the barrel of my laptop – anyone who has seen us play this season will know that the following happened in this game;

  1.  The majority of the team arrived late;
  2. We did exactly what we said to avoid in the team talk;
  3. We let in an early, stupid and pointless goal;
  4. We had ridiculous amounts of possession;
  5.  We looked extremely blunt in front of goal;
  6.  The oppo scored a worldie;
  7.  Despite having about 75% of possession, we never really looked threatening;

From this, the following observations can be made;

  1. We are not fit enough as a team. Going training is not enough – get out for a run.
  2. We need to turn territorial advantage into goals. We simply do not score enough goals.
  3. We get punished for every tiny defensive mistake, yet fail to punish the opposition for theirs.
  4. We play as a group of individuals, and do not really work as a team.
  5. In the last 3 games we have lost to 3 teams who outbattled us and wanted it more – 2 of which had not picked up a point previously  – I think we have an attitude that we can just turn up and win – clearly not the case.

I don’t really know what to say – clearly my tubthumping/moaning/call-to-arms match reports do not have an effect.

Any ideas lads?

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