Scorer: Brade (3)

This will be short as the whole afternoon was pretty painful first time round.

Vamps were a shadow of last year’s team but then so are we. Both sides were sluggish, showed a lack of composure and passed with a lack of conviction on a slow pitch. We had chances but failed to capitalise on them. When we did take the lead we only managed to hold on for a couple of minutes, not good enough. Once Vamps were ahead the game became even feistier and they punished us it felt with every chance. Andy in goal did not really have a save to make and did not have much chance with the goals. Ashley did score a fine hat trick and Leon had a good game, but a team this does not make.

Why is this happening? Impossible to say. No team has outplayed us (maybe Icarus) so far. Out fought, yes but not all the time. We have still had chances to defend better, pass better and take chances when we have them. We are a good team with a good spirit, yes we could do with a lucky break but you can not rely on luck. Losing to Vamps is the most detestable feeling in this league especially when they are blatantly no better than us. Nevertheless we need to pick ourselves up and make sure we get a result on Sat. This game is history and as long as we learn from it then all will be well.

Can we please be sharp on Sat, do the chores and get in the right frame of mind. I look forward to writing a more cheery and filled out report next week.

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