Old Salvatorians 7’s 9 – Alexandra Park 7’s 2

AFA Junior Novets Cup Rd 1 | October 20, 2012

It is amazing in an internet dominated world where it appears that there is no limit to the amount of information available that there are still some questions that can’t be answered. How does quantitative easing work? Will Arsenal ever win another trophy? And what ever happened to the travellers that were evicted from Dale Farm? Well I managed to find out the answer to the last question after 3 minutes of our AFA cup game against Old Salvo’s. We eventually managed to get 12 players to the ground after a couple not recovering from injury and the odd cry off. It’s always difficult to know what to do as a skipper at times like this, do you go for the young kids who have turned up to training or do you go for experience. With the words of Harry ringing in my ears I picked up the phone to Janno who very kindly agreed to come along. Steve who has joined from Old Finchleians turned up with Ryan and there was a degree of optimism before kick -off such that Tom was asking who would be taking the penalties if it went past extra time.

Unfortunately the optimism didn’t last long as a tackle by David was immediately seized upon by the mob and they were straight onto the ref that he had committed GBH. The tackles were flying in and they were complaining about every decision. The ref was doing a fantastic job to keep order and he took the time to try and keep any back chat under control. He even booked one player who having seen Max pick up the ball started counting ….12,13,14,15,16 . The ref ran over and booked him apparently to save him from the embarrassment of getting to 20 and running out of fingers and toes.

We went 3 goals down and we were really struggling to contain them as they passed and moved and were blessed with a couple of fast forwards . We then started to compete and it was from a corner that Aaron managed to force the ball home. At half time we listened to the wise words of Janno who said that the next goal would be crucial. He was spot on there as Max bought down their forward getting a yellow card in the process and 3 became 4. The rest of the game was end to end stuff with Aaron getting our second from a great free kick from outside the box. It is never fun conceding 9 goals but as Janno said at the end of 90 minutes, “they would have given our 1’s a good game” and “I can’t believe what good players you have in the 7’ths”. A disappointing day at the office but this league and cup are very competitive this year so let’s keep our game going and return to winning ways next week

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