Alexandra Park 5s 3 – Winchmore Hill 7s 5

League | September 15, 2012

AP 3 Winchmore Hill 5

Following two consecutive weeks at Albert Road, AP 5s were given the privilege to grace the main pitch at the Racecourse. The good news: the lack of attacking threat which characterised the performance the week before against Old Parks, gave way to some lovely attractive, attacking football.

Jenkins and Battams in CM were calm and sensible in possession, while up front Dudmish and Bowhill worked well together, and Marek and Hyde on the wings were providing good support. Indeed, AP controlled possession for long periods of the game and played some effective, and more importantly, penetrative football. Hyde coolly scored after being played through for our first, while Bowhill scored a potential goal of the season (I say potential, it inevitably won’t be as it was so early on in the season and nobody will remember) from outside of the box in the second, followed by a sloppy third that may, or may not have been scored by Mel.

So yeah, a 3-0 victor… ah so the bad news: another facet of AP’s performance the week before was a defensive solidity which on Saturday seemed to completely dissipate amid panic and confusion. Some of the goals we conceded were so sloppy, it was almost unbelievable – two free headers from crosses, one from an offside trap which went horribly wrong and another from us being dispossessed while attempting to dribble out from the back. I can’t remember the other, but I bet that was rubbish too. At times, it was almost embarrassing, and this is something which will have to be put right this week.

Two league games this season and two losses. From each, we can take relative encouragement from certain aspects of our game, though this obviously means nothing if we don’t start bringing all these attributes together in more coherent performances. Broomfield this week, which will be tough, but if everyone is on it, then we are more than capable of the win.


Man of the match: Josh Hyde

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