Alexandra Park 2 – BB Eagles 2

League | September 22, 2012

I must admit, I am struggling a little for motivation to put this match report together.  This isn’t due to the lack of action from our game on Saturday, it was as least exciting as one of the mid-tier rides at Chessington, a Rameses Revenge of a game.  Nor is it having better things to do.  I am sat watching a program about tourettes presented by Reggie Yates (one of them keeps calling him wedgie which is borderline brilliant)  The main problem lies in me questioning the number of my fellow teammates who will actually read my erratic ramblings.  Despite the meet location reading ‘The Racecourse’ in the newsletter, we lost one of our starting eleven and could have lost more to Preston Manor.  Alas, we live and learn.  Check the meet time/location on the newsletter gents.

The pitch at the Racecourse was probably as good as I have ever seen it and we knew BB Eagles would give us our toughest test of the season.  I think they started warming up at about 1.30, long before we had even started putting the goals up, let alone having to begin the inevitable quest for additional pegs (goldust).  The gaffer was absent, leaving pre-match organisational responsibilities in the hands of the dream double of Egan and Patterson.  The hatchet men, Punch and Judy, pale squared.  Some enforced changes were made but we kicked off with a strong 11.  With the respect handshake enforced and the correct colour tape on our socks confirmed, we were therefore ready to play a game of amateur football….

We probably started the better side although there weren’t huge openings at either end.  It was quite tight with both sides seemingly playing with one up top.  It was going to take a moment of brilliance or an error to unlock the game.  Seeing as we play in the SAL Division 2, it was unsurprisingly the latter.  Their excellent central midfield had started to make them tick and deep in our own area, a stray hatchet chopped down the BB number 9.  Penalty, 1-0 BB.  Our plan to reduce the deficit was from the the George Osbourne playbook.  Confusion, inaction, increased deficit (ooh. political).  A back post set piece whipped in and their big centre half headed home unchallenged.  Error number 2.

2-0 down at the break and it wasn’t looking great.  We hadn’t played awfully but we hadn’t really threatened.  Caretaker supermo Tony Bent urged more aggression.  Skips called for a more direct approach, with possibly too much ‘going on’ ‘back there’.  Good to know that under pressure we revert to the staples of British football.

That said, it was certainly a wise move.  We worked our way back into the game bit by bit.  We didn’t let our heads drop and the work rate stayed high.  We were winning a lot of aerial ball at the back and were able to squeeze further up the pitch.  Credit to Ricky, Chris and subsequently Jonnie for getting a real hold on the midfield.  The next goal was always going to be huge and we got it.  Andy Brown jinked outside their full back who hung a lazy leg out to bring him down.  Matt converted his third penalty of the season and whilst I give him a lot of 6/10 banter for the number of goals of his from the spot, I tip my hat to him.  He just keeps tucking them away #bottle

The momentum was with us and BB were all at sea.  Within 2 minutes we were level.  Ronnie had missed kick off having ventured to Wembley which was a shame.  We enjoy his company and he is a very good player.  On Saturday he also proved to be a better finisher than he was starter (LOL).  5 minutes after being introduced he got in behind, drew the keeper out and rolled home.  Marvellous.

We could and maybe should have gone onto win the game.  We got in behind twice more, only to lob one over and slice one wide.  To be fair, we looked out on our feet the last ten and were probably happy to settle for a point given where we started the half.    In the context of the game, a point gained.  A spirited fightback by the lads, stretching our unbeaten run in the league to well over a year.  We headed out for Nicholau’s birthday with our heads held high, until the point where it all became too much and a kip was needed on the sofas at the old queen’s head……Stuart.

We hate losing, so we intend to delay it as long as possible.  I do think there is more to come though.  Improved fitness and shape and we can kick on.  There is certainly nothing to be frightened of in this league.

Big shout to Jay Hughes on the sideline this week.  Great to see you mate, get yourself back soon.

MOM : Andy Brown. Constant threat, worked really well with Matt and Ronnie to get us back in the game.

Team : Pennycook, Gunyan, Patterson, Egan, Thrale, Shaw, Nicholau (Munero), Kenga (Adjekwei), Kelly, K. O’Leary, Brown.

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