Football AGM Roundup

News | May 29, 2012

The 2012 Football AGM

The AGM was once again an intimate affair with the football club members hugely outnumbered by the AP Cricket Club Colts and their parents.  The Chairman and Vice Chairman traded places with Dave McLoughlin becoming the new APFC Chairman and Tony Bent,  after seven years of great service, being voted in as Vice Chairman. With few new faces coming forward the other committee members remained largely unchanged.

Team Captains/Managers

John Morris and Alex Patterson were confirmed as first team manager  and captain respectively  and will hope to build on the 1’s unbeaten season by establishing the team in Senior Division 2. Keith Nicholas has signed up for another season leading the Reserves who will be looking to improve on their mid table finish. After blitzing their division and putting several Division 1 teams out in the cups, 3’s manager Duncan Anderson will be looking to repeat this seasons fantastic results and gain a successive promotion. After a season of consolidation Jimmy Lambert will be working on throw in strategies all summer in order to get the 4’s back into Minor Division 1. Joe Robinson will be taking over the 5’s from Andy Burwell who could no longer deal with having to remember all the 50 players names he went through last season. After a season learning the  ropes from Simon Tolcher in the 8’s, Jack Parsons is the new 6’s capatain. Andy Brough is once again back in charge of 7’s after handing over to Laurent while out injured last season. The 8’s captaincy is tbc at the moment. Best of luck to all captains and managers in the upcoming season.