Awful, Awful, Awful. Players arriving at kick off. No shape. Little desire. Panicked hoofed clearances. Opposition having 3 shots all game and scoring 2. Us having 14 (and that’s just on target) and scoring 0.

This season could slip away into nothingness, end strongly or even end being relegated. Most of the games we have left are against teams below us, so if we continue to drop points with abject displays like that they will make ground on us.

2 more wins will keep us safe in Div 2 for next season, and looking to push on up the table. If we are to mount a serious charge on promotion next season, it is imperative that we win games like this.

Lloyds have taken 6 points off us this season, and with all due respect they are a team we should be expecting to beat.

Those of you selected on Saturday need to be up for the fight. That means on time, 100% in the warm up, 100% in the game.

Remember  – it is not how many times you get knocked down, it is how many times you get back up that counts. Let’s make sure we are back up on Saturday.

Team – O’Donnell, McLoughlin (Hubbard), Jeator, Wilson, Wootten, Hancock (Nugent), Cornibert, Munero, Carter, Manu, Spencer.

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