Alexandra Park 3s 7 – Old Lyonians 3s 0

League | February 25, 2012

Scorers: Bruce 3, Brade 1, Fullerton 1, Morris 2

“We Came, We Saw, and We Conquered “

Seems very much in line with the spirit of the team and the unique work ethic, while it seems the AP 3s have benefited from a remarkable team spirit and bond, garnered over the last 18 months, it’s not an isolated case as the same can be said of the Reserves of late and the first team, though we have scored more goals than them.

The club on a whole have made great strides, gone are the days you turn up in February not being able to name a full team, we have benefited from the clubs progression (work done behind the scenes “by the powers that be”) and the atmosphere in the team; we name an unchanged line-up from the week before, with returning stalwarts like Jason Smith and Tom Marshall on the subs bench along with the new kid Daniel Lyn.

We started at The Stadio Giuseppe Meazza San Siro what has become a fortress AP for the 3rd team in recent years. We started with a strong line-up, Jason Smith (the goal keeper not the midfielder) making his debut in Goal (never troubled, but the little he had to do, he did it admirably), Anthony Fabb, Old man Gary Jones, Will (Skinhead) Hancox, Fevzi (Termite) Demir, Liam Coughlan, Jed (The Wall) Wood, Adam Bruce, Ashley (Reindeer) Brade, Fraser (David Silva) Morris, Kurt (the Cripple) Fullerton.

After spending some time on sorting out the nets on the ref’s insistence, we got the game started, Lyonians looking a change outfit, but that is as far as the differences went, since we were two goals up in the first 10 minutes of play. The first goal came from good interplay between Fevzi and Ashley, which saw Ashley cut in, shaping for a shot but delivering a reverse pass catching the defence unaware, all skips had to do was put on the finishing touches, which he did with aplomb. Though I believe the team was more shock about the finish than Lyonians defence, if that wasn’t enough, skips chasing a ball played over the top and then delivering a centre for Bruce to run on to and stroke home, was too much for the watching Richard Gibbs, who decided to walk away.

Lyonians prove to be a lot more difficult to break down than they initially seem, since they resorted to “rough house tactics”, two footed lunges, shoulder barges and a high line, which prove difficult for skips, since he seem to have been born offside. The tactics employed, force the game to stop at 3 different intervals, first a two footed lunge on Ashley left him with 3 stud marks on his ankle, Fevzi dislocated and fractured a bone in his wrist, which cause him to leave the field of play (on came Tom Marshall), and Fraser was forced to come off the pitch temporarily before half time, bleeding profusely from the nose, after being on the end of a shoulder barge to the face.

Just before half time we scored the 3rd goal, Bruce’s second of the day, to pretty much wrap up the game. After assessing Fraser at half time and him not wanting to leave the field of play until he got on the score sheet, we started the second half unchanged. The game in the second half was pretty much a non-event, Jason in goal, having nothing to do, we brought on Jason Smith for Jed Wood, and Daniel Lyn for Liam Coughlan, to give them all some much needed game time.

Ashley became more influential as the game wore on, some good individual work lead to him scoring his 20th goal of the season, he was also integral in the further three goals scored in the half. An unstoppable strike from Fraser, running from deep, on to Ashley’s clever lay off, saw the goal keeper diving out of the way. All in all it was a good day at the office, and long may it continue.

As the manager says, let the football do the talking and as long as we are committed to the cause, we will be picking up some silverware at the end of the season.

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