Scorers: Astropalitis 2

We kicked off 25 minutes late.  Mostly due to the skipper making a mad dash to Seven Sisters Station to pick up a late call up.  The first half was all AP with the back four of Seb, Steve, Pat and John having very little to do and Jason a virtual spectator.

We were much the better team but confidence is lacking in the 4ths after a brutal November and we were unable to turn possession/chances into goals. After missing 4 one on ones (Jack 2 and Angelo 2) Old Stationers then had a player sent off for telling the ref to ‘go away’ (or something to that effect). Half time arrived and it was somehow still level.

Second half started with complete AP domination.  The midfield of Elvis, Michal, Manuel and Carl looked to have everything under control until somehow their centre midfielder managed to smash one in the top corner from about 40 yards leaving Jason scratching his head. Frustration set in (especially when they went down to 9 through an injury) but we did not panic.  Finally we equalised from a great leap and header from Angelo and it was 1 – 1 with 10 minutes to go.  With 5 minutes to go Jack finally decided that he would actually hit the target, the keeper spilled to Angelo who greatfully smashed it into the corner.

2 – 1 AP.  Come on!

Well done to everyone involved.  The better team won.  We all know we should have won 7 or 8 nil but 3 points is 3 points.

Bring on next week.

Hope and confidence returning (slowly)!

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