AP Fireworks Night

News | November 2, 2011

This year’s event promises to be the biggest, best and most eventful we’ve ever organized (or at least as good as what has gone before). We can now claim to host the ONLY annual fireworks display held within the Park/Palace. The overall inferiority of the usual complementary Palace fireworks display has very much made it a thing of the past, with AP achieving the sort of giant killing success that keeps the likes of Nottsborough awake at night.

The event starts from 7pm onwards. Invite friends and family – this is traditionally the most sociable AP event of the year. This year, superstar committee member and 8s substitute Jon Gallaway, has proposed that in addition we make it an unofficial “AP Partners Day” (we don’t discriminateat AP and I would like to remind all members to be nice and accommodating to whoever Jon decides to bring along). So in addition to bringing family along to the evening, we hope to get a good turnout for our home games during the day.