Alexandra Park 3s 3 – HSBC 3s 0

League | November 5, 2011

It was back to league action for the 3s with the visit of HSBC to The Racecourse.

A 2.15 kick was the plan but with a few issues on board. You know who you are and personally I’m getting sick of it.

Goals were put up with help from myself, Ziggy, Jonesy, Alex, Jason, Stew and Will with the opponents watching all kitted up.

We were anything but kitted up and with the late arrival of it but had very little time prep. If your first couple of touches are poor then that is a damn good excuse to have.

We started with Michael in goal, right back Tom, Fevzi left back with Will and Jonesy centre back. Midfield was Ziggy left wing, Alex right, Stew and Jason centre mid. Jed in the more advanced position and Kurt up top.

The team had less attacking potential but that was replaced with a more solid defensive structure.

The game started evenly with both teams having possession. HSBC had a tall big man, however he was very slow indeed. He broke clear a few times but had no pace to get a shot on goal.
I noticed their two strikers constantly looking at my positioning and the distance from my goal line. There preparations meant nothing when they didn’t get the ball to shoot.

Midway through the half we broke through. Well actually HSBC helped us along with them fouling Kurt. “So that’s why you are top” cried the away team.
Kurt converted the penalty although I am not sure if it was well hit as I was not looking. That’s no offense to Kurt it just become a lucky superstition at the moment.

Plenty of play remained in midfield with few chances forcing either keeper into much action.

The half time score was 1-0 with AP satisfied with the first half performance but improvement was always possible. Will was the only struggling member of the team at half time with an injury.

Will carried on but lasted no more than 5 minutes of the second half. A whole rejig was now made with Stew dropping to centre back, Fevzi going to right back, Ziggy left. Tom the sub going to left wing. Jed dropped to centre mid with Tom Marshall advancing further forward.

This thankfully didn’t effect us to much was the defence dealing with all and I was picking up the long balls with comfort.

We needed a second goal to make us calm down and we get it thanks to a brilliant diving header from Jason. Helped by a brilliant free kick from Jed.

At the moment we are not the tallest team so at corners we do lack height so HSBC caused a few problems and not helped when I dropped a bread and butter ball. Thanks Fevzi for clearing off the line.

After that we sealed the game with a fantastic solo run from Tom on the left. Ok the keeper was a fault but give credit where it is due.

3-0 and a clean sheet- But is the captain happy? Of course not.
Bring on next week and a game where ‘everyone’ arrives in good time.

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