Old Parkonians 6s 4 vs Alexandra Park 5s 0

League | October 15, 2011

Chapter 6

Without strong controls the world will be anarchy

Not much to say about last Saturday.

The ref looked professional at the start but turned out not to be very weak in decision making.  This carried not only into the ‘who can shout loudest’ rule but just on general basic rules of football.   Both teams were in disbelief at the decisions given as well as those missed.

The game turned ugly, we won’t dwell on it but everyone apart from Piner got involved (he was doing his nails on the half way line) – most of us trying to calm it down, most of Old Parks trying not to.  One Slovak stepped up and represented his teammates and swiftly got a yellow for his troubles.

The game continued to be feisty and they bullied us out of it.  We gifted them three goals and they got lucky on their 4th.  Our passing and mentality on the day were weak – just a bad day at the office all round.  Everyone looked disappointed but I know all will be determined to fight (figuratively) our way back to the top of the table this week!!

MoM – Wayne Rose, only bright spark of the day, hitting the cross bar in the first half, worked hard up front on his own and ran all day despite having played a total of 70 mins all year after a nasty injury.

Team: – Smith, Burwell, Rae, Rose, Kralik, Piner, White, Sulimajni, Fryer, Mellows, Astropalitis

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