Trust me AP captains it does not get any easier with age, I lied about k.o time by 45 Min’s and they still turn up late so no chance of any real warm up (I only had time for 2 fags) and 2 no shows.

The changing room resembled an American fat camp. Then there was a power cut until we realised O’shea had entered the room. Only Fletcher’s red head could be seen and the stench of embalming fluid was sickening, Boots must of done a roaring trade on Saturday.

Onto the small pitch we trooped soon to be blowing out of every orifice possible against a poly team who play regular Sunday vets league, compered to us (with the odd exception) who pop out once a year for a get together.

The actual game is a blur to me but i think it went like this we went 2.0 up though they came back to lead 3.2 it was 4.4 then with extra time looming thankfully they scored in the dying minutes(joke).

If I could of fielded our strongest side we would easily won this game. Their two decent forwards where the difference fletch and alan montague got two each for us, as for the others, class is permanent but fitness is a distant dream. A good performance all round apart from some of the manager’s substitutions (Mr t.bent). So time to hang those boots back in the garage maybe next year boys or is 51 a bridge to far?

Also thank you to the crowd that watched was this the last time they witnessed some of A.P’s finest ???.

Team piper findlater edwards(c) s. montague rice pitcher m.smith cumberbatch hedgley fletcher a. montague bagley rock and nick some bloke from the pub.

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