Scorers: Lewis, Fletcher

I never thought I would have any sympathy with a Frenchman (that is not our resident one) but the one from the wrong side of North London. Confidence is really quite intangible, one minute everyone believes that Gordon Brown was the top man when he sold 325 tonnes of Gold at $235 an ounce and then confidence disappears when it hits $1800. There are 32000 ounces in a ton by the way and the difference is enough to pay for the whole of the Olympics or pay all teachers salaries for 2 years.

Confidence can only come from within (no don’t worry it’s not going to be a grasshopper story) and people have to believe in their own ability rather than be told how good they can be to gain the necessary belief.

The 7s have some good players who if they are to believe in themselves have to be able to play a whole game and that involves chasing back and fighting for the ball. William Lewis and € showed us how it should be done for the whole 90 minutes.

On a day when the set was warm enough for a remake of “ cat on a hot tin roof “ we started in traditional fashion and found ourself 1-0 down after a minute. That was more to do with a very unlucky bounce rather than any poor defending but when lady luck is elsewhere then you have no one to look after your goal when luck turns against you. There second came from an unmarked player from a corner. The culprit a Mr William Lewis , the one with the slightly dodgy curly hair then went straight up the other end and drilled home a half volley to bring us back into it.

A long kick from their goalie carried all the way and a collusion between Scott and their forward saw the ball nestle in the bottom corner and Scott leave the pitch with a damaged ankle. So the Skipper goes into goal and Ricardo enters the fray. At half time we felt we had a chance to get back in it, this belief was slightly dented when they went 4-1 up shortly after the second half started. We then really increased the tempo and Fletcher bought it back to 4-2.

Our Australian Brad who came highly recommended by Burwell was then knocked over in the area and up stepped Fletcher to make or 4-3, or it would have been if had scored. Standing in goal it was like watching a balloon deflate, the fight went, we were over run and that combined with some very poor goalkeeping saw the final score at 8-2.

Bottom of the league after 3 games we need people to get their own confidence levels up because confidence is one of the most infectious things around and we can only get out of this as a team rather than a collection of individuals. At the moment we are ” in einer zwickmuhle stecken ” so like Angela Merkel we have to work at getting out of this or the whole thing could just implode.

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