Alexandra Park 5s 4 – Alleyn Old Boys 4s 1

SAL Senior Novets Cup (Round 1) | October 1, 2011

Chapter 4

Why football is a winter sport

Scorers: Ditmir, Thrale, Angelo, Wharton

Firstly, we did not play well and they were the worst team I’ve had the pleasure to play against in an AP shirt. This may have been due to the fact it was hotter than the sun.

AP started by a trip to the pub to watch Rodwell get sent off for Everton (the strong scouse contingent of the 5s didn’t complain). Then we found out that Astroboy had turned up at AP and not New River; nobody told the Skip that New River didn’t provide nets and that, thankfully we weren’t playing the 6’7 rugby lads who were changing next door!!

After the hiccups AP lined up with a settled side minus Mr.Robinson and Barnet Dodimead with a meagre subs bench of one – the returning George Wharton.

AP started strong, passing the ball around, doing what we did all day and pumping up the left hand side. Smith’s day in goal was made simple by a lack of marking/diet by their main centre forward allowing Thrale all the space at left back to collect the ball short.

Liam and Ditmir were making a mockery of the Alleyn Old Boys defence and the latter was given far too much space to pick his spot and drive home to the top left corner from 20 yards. Twas a beauty he had predicted before the game to be fair.

Thrale took his turn next crossing the ball from just inside their half, over their keeper and into the gaping goal. Simples.

With everyone tiring we had to wait for the Wharton substitute appearance for the next. A lovely goal, taking it around the defence and the keeper before stroking home with his left from an acute angle. Astroboy then scored towards the end to finish it off.

They bought on a couple of whipper snappers at the end and the pace made it difficult for the last 15 and again we managed to concede a sloppy goal, a bit of a disappointment for another solid defensive display.

Yes we won, yes we played some pretty football and yes it was hot. BUT we became complacent. We held onto the ball too long, didn’t move off the ball, and got on each others backs. The heat makes men do crazy things but this week we face a team that want revenge from their defeat to us two weeks ago – we need to stay as a team and appreciate that we play for each other and AP not for ourselves.

MoM – Tom Thrale, accomplished display, working hard in the sun and connecting with Liam (who has an honourable mention) to great effect

Team: – Smith, Burwell, Rae, Thrale, Kralik, Piner, White, Sulimajni, Coughlin, Astropalitis, Nnamdi, Wharton

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