Alexandra Park 3s 4 – Sinjun Grammarians 3s 3

AFA Junior Cup (Second Round) | October 29, 2011

Scorers: J.Morris(2), Irving, o.g.

5 things we learnt about Ap’s 3rd Team this weekend

1. While it is a well known fact that the AP 3’s have fantastic team spirit; that fact was further emphasised when no fewer than 4 injured players turned up on Saturday to support the team, despite not being able to play! Well done lads

2. There are no replacements for Fevzi Demir, despite his stature, he is a giant among his peers in the third team! While he is a left back, when you have the 3rd team attacking midfielder saying how much he misses him on the field of play,not only his solid defensive work, but his influence on attack, then you realise his value to the team. Get well soon

3. Gary Jones cannot replace one legged Anderson on the sideline! While this isn’t a slight on Gary Jones the player or the man, he is far more volatile than our skipper and that is saying something! Whereas Mr. Anderson, despite being on crutches, still finds time to communicate daily with skips ( not like he has a choice, his phone only rings every minute ), to ensure the team is in place!

4. Tom Marshall, is no goal keeper! Sorry Neil, I know you wanted him to follow in your footsteps, but he can’t even catch the ball, let alone save a shot! Of the three goals he let in on the weekend, his only involvement in them, was taking the ball out of the net! Maybe if you were there on Saturday to watch him and give him more pointers, he would have done a better job!

5. Each player at AP has a responsibility to the club in the form of match fees, club membership and subscription, we want to keep this team together, and unless you want the skips to pull his hair out, every time he sees Richard coming his way, Saturday, please pay the full amount if you can!

On the other side of the coin, players also have a responsibility to the team they play for, washing the kit is part of that, there are no stars (sorry skips) in the 3’s we employ a team ethic, if you are given the kit and you refuse to, then we will replace you with someone else that buys into that ethic!

Skips, Duncan, it was much easier to write this than to write about how badly weplayed on the weekend! But a win is a win, come on boys let’s make this year memorable!

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