Scorers: Doddimead, Angelo, Kralik

The new look 5th team went into the fixture on a high from last week’s drubbing of ebogs and didn’t disappoint.  With a match dominated by the wind the superior passing game of AP, in particular in the first half, secured a worthy 3-1 victory.

A line up of Piner, Burwell, Robinson and Krefting at the back was resolute when under pressure in the 2nd half and throughout, the pace of the midfield Rae, Kralik, Coughlan and Sulimajni pulled the Old Parks team about.  Strength up front secured the win with Doddimead and new boy Angelo (don’t ask me to spell the surname) continuously pressing.

The first two AP goals were quality, Doddimead volleying a long ball from Keeper Smith coming over his shoulder with his strong left foot into the bottom corner and Angelo showing the pace and physicality which will be an asset to the team this year to take it round three and roll home. Marek’s goal was a tad lucky, breaking the offside trap to hit the keeper, the rebound hammering back off his chest into the goal – but we all need a bit of luck now and then.  Robinson set up one with a hoof up the field and Ditmar with the other assist.

The second half was tough, Old Parks added pace to their attack and let the wind do the rest pinning us back.  After conceding the first AP looked shaky and when Robinson decided to ask the Old Parks centre forward for a piggy back in the area the subsequent penalty gave ominous signs for the half.  A shot hard down the centre and two strong hands from keeper Smith to push it over reinvigorated the team though.  Skipper was fortunate to be able to call on Jimmy Lambert and Pat McGlogan from the bench to add extra height and legs to the midfield and despite our inability to keep the ball in the last ten (Angelo can’t speak English – Ditmar’s excuse…small man small…..ears??) we ran away deserved winners.

MoM Angelo for his debut goal and performance

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