Alexandra Park 1 – EBOG 0

Friendly | September 3, 2011

Scorer: Morris

Following last weeks emphatic victory away to Easthamians, AP’s finest again took to the field against higher league opposition, this time from Division 1.

It was also a first opportunity for players to become accustomed with the Frederick Knight ground – our new home for the 2011/12 season.

EBOG’s started sharply putting AP under immense pressure for long periods of the first half. This EBOG dominance rested firmly with a shocking warm-up and preparation by AP players many not arriving until 20 minutes before kick-off. If you are selected for any APFC team, don’t be on time, BE EARLY!

Following EBOGS excellent start, AP finally began to win first and second balls, began to work harder, and began to retain possession in a more controlled manner.

Following the first half (or was it our warm-up?!) AP set about EBOGS with far more vigour. Our game plan changed slightly whereby our wide players received far more ball with which to exploit a very high EBOG defensive line. And it was from these wide areas that AP createdthe majority of second half chances.

EBOG’s also continued to threaten but lacked the possession of the first half as AP upped the work rate and closed down far quicker.
Late on in the game AP scored a freakish goal with the EBOG keeper attempting to dribble, control,  juggle (?) in his own six-yard box! His lack of concentration was severely punished with the hard-working Kelly closing him down and winning the ball. His subsequent attempt at goal rebounded back to Morris who finished calmly from inside the area.

Here the game finished 1-0 to AP. EBOG’s can feel hard done by and arguably deserved adraw based on their first-half performance. However, football is played over 90 minutes andit was AP who claimed yet another scalp.

This Saturday sees AP’s finest travel away for the final friendly before the BIG kick-off. Thisgives players one last chance to impress the Manager (who should be sporting a Hasselhoff suntan given how long he has been away!) and secure their place in the first league gamesquad.

Memo to ALL players:

  • Bring correct kit to games (boots, shinpads, brain)
  • Bring a sports drink to rehydrate at half-time (don’t go searching in otherplayers’ bags as you froth from the mouth)
  • Don’t be on-time – get to the meet/ground EARLY

MoM: Kelly – fantastic work rate, and great game/player awareness for the full 90 minutes

Team: Simpson, Fabb, Patterson, Carlin, Morris, Jones, O’Leary(D), O’Leary(K),  Hancock, Nicholaou, Kelly, Shaw-Morris

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