Fantasy Football League

News | August 10, 2011

A new season is upon us, this week in fact and lets face it, Football is awesome. But don’t you find that you skip pointless matches such as Wigan vs Stoke at the end of Match of the Day? Somehow it just doesn’t seem that important. Or if you are cursed with supporting a non-premier league club and frankly none of it matters, you just want to see Arsenal lose.

Fantasy Football changes this, when you have Stoke’s ever reliable and potential goal scorer Robert Huth in your backline and your nearest rival has Wigan’s proficient, if not prolific striker Hugo Rodellaga then suddenly Wigan vs Stoke really does matter…. and although cheering a Van Persie goal may kill the soul somewhat, its worth it because there’s money involved.

Money you say? Yes, money. Everything matters more with money, remember we want Wigan vs Stoke to really matter to you. Pride alone is not enough.

Entry to ‘The Money League2’ is £20. This goes towards monetary prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall, as well as the winner of each month to keep you interested throughout the season. So you could be languishing in last place come April, cursing the fact that you should’ve dropped Rooney when the news about his affair with Coleen’s mum came out in October, and then everything finally falls into place, Rooney scores a bucketload and everyone else has long abandoned him. Hey, you’re still bottom overall, but you’ve won April’s league and made a profit.

Here’s what you do:

1. Go to (by far the best Fantasy footy league)

2. Register and select your team with as few gooners in it as possible (and any ex-Leyton Orient players… Nicky Shorey?)… you don’t have to get it spot on today, you can make as many changes as you like until 11:30am on saturday.

3. Click Join League and enter the following code: 371757-105467

4. Once registered please email for details on how to pay.

5. Sit back and prepare to really hate Hugo Rodellaga