This weekends results

News | April 4, 2011

Man in the Mirror - first team hat-trick for Tom Spencer

A mixed set of results this week. An eye catching and much needed win for the first team against bottom of the table HSBC keeps the pressure on the teams above them with a Simpson clean sheet and a Tom Spencer hat-trick – its not known if the striker unleashed a series of expletives upon scoring the third.

1’s W 3-0 (Spencer 3 – Simpson CS)
2’s L 6-1 (D O’Leary)
3’s W 4-1 (Wilding, Brade, Carter, Harvey)
4’s W 0-2 (Bell, Coughlan – Edelman CS)
5’s L 1-5 (Rose)
6’s D 1-1 (Loughnane)
7’s NG
8’s L 2-1 (Payne)

League positions (SAL);

1st XI –  10th in league. P18 PTS 13

2nd XI – 7th in league. P17  PTS 24

3rd XI – 3rd in league. P14 PTS 31

 4th XI – 9th in league. P17 PTS 18

 5th XI – 6th in league. P19 PTS 24

 6th XI – 8th in league. P16 PTS 15

 7th XI – 9th in league. P16 PTS 17 

8th XI – 11th in league. P16 PTS 4