Messages from the league

News | January 6, 2011


A reminder to all clubs that contrary to opinion, the Respect campaign is still very much alive and running. It has been noted via reports from refs that the Respect campaign has bottomed out – as a Respect League we all have a responsibility to ensure this campaign continues, so good football and a great atmosphere for all prospers.
For those of you with whingers in the club moaning they are being targeted, you’ll be pleased to the refs will be bombarded with the same message by the AFA following Samantha Brown’s appointment as AFA County Respect Officer. Samantha will be working closely with leagues, clubs and officials to ensure the Respect campaign continues.


It has been noted on occasion players flouting Law 4 of the 2010/11 edition of FA Laws. May I remind all clubs players are not permitted to wear any jewellery whatsoever during the match – including wedding bands. Taping up rings or earrings is not permissible and may lead to the referee refusing to admit any player sporting such jewellery onto the field of play. Please pass this message onto your players.