An autumn scene.

League games with 14:15 kick offs unless otherwise stated.

1s vs Norsemen (a) 13:30 AFA Snr Cup Rnd2
2s vs Old Finchleians 2s
3s vs Old Buckwellians 2s (a) 13:45 AFA Jun Cup Rnd2
4s vs civil Service 5s
5s vs Old Lyonians 4s 13:45 SAL Snr Nov Cup Rd1
6s vs Norsemen 8s (Albert Rd) 13:00
7s vs Old Owens 7s (a)
8s vs Old Stationers (a) 13:45 SAL Jun Nov Cup Rd2

Those of you who don’t have to go shopping with the wife are listed here.

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