Burwell’s Big Quiz Night

News | November 23, 2010

This Saturday should play host to our annual quiz night. Providing games aren’t called off join us in the club house from 7:30pm onwards.

I asked quizmaster and AP7s regular Burwell for some tips;

1. Have graduated primary school

2. Know something about football – was Paul Gascoigne an astronaut?

3. Take an interest in something other than x-factor

4. Bring a girl/effeminate guy

If your answers are, when I was in school we didn’t graduate, Gascoigne has been on another planet for years, but isn’t Cheryl lovely you can join my team, if not its £1 per player, maximum of 5 per team, all sides are requested to enter a team and non club members are welcome, encouraged even, to come along.

Now to get that brain matter ticking who is the only player to have played for Man United, Man City, Everton and Liverpool?