Goals; Dawkins (2)

The team for first league game included, for their debuts with the 6’s this season, Anthony Shaw and Kieron Blaney. Also new, Adam Tripp and Archie Pitfield started on the bench.

I do not like Southgate Olympic. They are a good side and I have never even got so much as point off them. I also seem to get injured when I play against them.

On Saturday I was hoping that this might change. Nothing has changed. We lost and my back hurts.

We lined up in a 4,5,1 and began brightly. We created some chances and so did they. I like to think that if we had scored first the game might have been different. The problem was they scored first following a good passing move and finish which left Chris flat footed.

It is 6pm on Wednesday evening and I still cant work out what went wrong for the second goal, conceded from a corner. I think if we thought about it all week and brought in Hansen and Lawrenson to analyse it from 50 angles that we still would not know. Because of this we will simply put it down as Methyl Indoe C9H9N defending, as we should really.

Southgate scored again in the 44th minute; the goalscorer was so far offside to call the decision a joke would be disrespectful to the art of telling jokes and we went in 3 nil down when we did not really deserve to be.

We changed to a 4,4,2 for the second half with Adam Tripp replacing Matt Piner. In what was a fairly even 45 minutes we conceded three goals (all following individual mistakes) and scored twice, both through Craig who had another good game. Archie Pitfield came on for his debut replacing Kieron after 65 minutes and looked lively. He hit the bar and got into some good positions. Both he and Adam could be very good players for us this season.

I look forward to the game on Saturday. In parts we looked good against Southgate and if we can keep the same 13 players together I think we may do well in this league.

Man of the match: Craig Dawkins.

Team : Chris Noakes, Mike Myers, Gareth Banton, Chirac Shah, Anthony Mills, James Rae, Matt Piner (Adam Tripp 45), Anthony Shaw, Reece West-Hunter, Kieron Blaney (Archie Pitfield 65), Craig Dawkins,

Subs: Adam Tripp, Archie Pitfield.

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