Goals; Phillips, Chvojka

The team for the first pre season friendly for the 6’s included two new players to the club in Michael Bardgett and Suresh Whitlock who started in goal and at left back. The defence also included James Rae and Matt Malone in the centre and Chirac Shah at right back. Melvin Loughnane sat infront to protect with Jon Galloway, Matt Piner and Kamarl Phillips lining up left to right. Andrew Chvojka and Nigel Beswick were tasked with scoring the goals.
We started very brightly knocking the ball around to feet and moving into space. Chirac was having lots of joy down the right hand side when overlapping and it was no surprise when after 20 minutes and having created 5 or 6 good chances that we took the lead through Andrew who finished cooly. 
After scoring it was more of the same. Melvin, Matt, Kamarl and Jon were working hard in midfield and the defence was looking tight. When the 5’s did look like getting behind us after about half an hour Matt Malone made a fantastic tackle.
Michael, looking composed and prepared to come off his line when the situation demanded it had been forced to make only one save when we scored again. Kamarl, who had been asked to come out to the right hand side, finishing off a good passing move.
Our second goal seemed to kick start the 5’s who were suddenly knocking the ball around more confidently. Kevin Howarth in particular began to have an influence on the pace that the game was being played at. Although the 5’s had only been on top for five minutes in the whole half it was no surprise when they scored.
At half time we all agreed that if we got back to passing the ball to feet that we would regain control of the game and not be as stretched as were were for the last five minutes at the end of the half.
The first twenty minutes of the second period were even with lots of the game being played in the middle of the field. When chances did come they were mostly to the 5’s but we were generally happy with how we were playing.
It was with twenty five minutes or so to go that the 5’s began to take control and we became stretched again. It became quite apparent that the 5’s knew each other quite well while we did not. Having created a couple of good chances from which they should really have scored, a moment of class brought the equalizer – an absolute pile driver finding the top corner.
We kept going and were well worth, especially considering that we dominated much of the first half, our draw.
Man of the match: Nigel Beswick – in the first half Nigel held the ball up and brought others into play brilliantly. Although he was not as influential in the second half he kept on running and then kept on running and then ran some more.    
Team : Michael Bardgett, Suresh Whitlock, James Rae, Matt Malone, Chirac Shah, Melvin Loughnane (Anthony Mills 85), Jon Galloway, Matt Piner, Kamarl Phillips, Andrew Chvojka, Nigel Beswick.

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