Actonians Association 8s 5 – Alexandra Park 7s 3

AFA Junior Novets Cup | December 15, 2007

Scorers: C.Fletcher(2), Dancer

A trip to Acton to play a team a couple of leagues above us in the cup offered us a chance to test our recent form. Cry offs and the theft of the Frenchman combined with trying to discuss it all with Mr Gibbs while listening to a Kaiser Chief’s concert (has he ever heard of texting) made it an interesting meet at Bounds Green as I wasn’t completely sure who was going to turn up.

Tony had allowed us plenty of time to get there, an 11am meet for a 1.30 kick off would have suggested to most people that we were playing somewhere near Birmingham when it is in fact a 25 minute car drive to Acton. The drive consisted of a running commentary with the Frenchman who had turned up late at Bounds Green and wasn’t sure who he was playing for and where the ground was, I did my best to explain that he had been poached by the 6th’s and Mr Gibbs had explained it all to him, anyway it seems like the message must have got lost in translation or been drowned out by the noise of the Kaisers.

Arriving at Acton with nearly half a day to go before kick-off we were treated to a show by Dan who said “Skips, let me show you the skills I have got in my locker”, why he never brings them on the pitch is beyond me. On to the game, we started with a couple of new players to the 7th’s and we welcomed back the Cat in goal as Bafta boy was under the weather.

Actonians had a lot of pace in their side and they were starting to carve out a few chances. A quick ball over the top saw them take the lead, the Cat argued that their forward was offside but the Ref didn’t seem inclined to change his mind. We got back on level terms when a great through ball from Piner saw Fletcher equalise. Their nippy winger then got the better of our defence and slipped the ball passed the Cat. This seemed to inspire us and a mazy run from Dan (right out of his skills locker) saw him win a penalty and Fletcher strode forwards to level the scores. That was the way it stayed until half time.

We were now kicking up the hill and were coming under increasing pressure, a cross into the area was tucked away by their forward and we were left to come from behind again. Vid had brought his mate Mr Dancer along to play in central midfield and he had an outstanding game. Picking up a clearance from their goalkeeper 25 yards out he drilled the ball into the net to bring us level. Disaster then struck, Fletcher pulled up lame while going for a through ball and with Actonians now in full flow we conceded 2 goals in the last 10 minutes to bring our brief cup run to an end.

A great fighting performance from all involved, let’s take this form into the New Year and have a great 2008.

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