Complaints Process and Procedure

If an individual wishes to make a complaint where they feel the clubs rules, policies or code of conducts have been broken, they are to follow the below process:

1. Write a statement to the Club Secretary (unless the complaint is about the Club Secretary in which case send to another committee member), which shall include; details of what the occurrence/incidence was, and when and where it took place. Please provide your statement in chronological order and confirm the time(s), date(s) of all conversations you had if relevant. If there are any direct quotes, please use speech marks ““.  Please do not sensor any foul and abusive language.

2. Provide any witness statements and names.

Once a complaint has been received, the club will endeavour to:

1. Within 7 days, receive acknowledgement of receipt of your submission and confirm that this matter is being dealt with in accordance with our policies and procedures.

2. Within 14 days, we can consider your complaint in line with policies and procedures or if the matter needs to be referred to the relevant body.

3. Where the complaint can be dealt with, it will be passed onto the relevant Club Committee Member to consider.

Please note it is the responsibility of the parent County FA to deal with any misconduct, discipline or discrimination complaints and investigations. The club has a duty to pass on any reports they receive of this nature. The County FA investigation take precedence. Individuals can also contact the parent County FA directly.

For more information on FA guidelines regarding serious cases, please click here, and see pages 44-48.

4. The named Club Committee Member will be in contact with the complainant within 7 days of the complaint being received to acknowledge receipt, indicate the timescales involved and request any additional information they may require.

5. The club will aim to resolve all complaints within three weeks of receipt. However, it should be noted that this timeframe is not always feasible depending on the complexity of the complaint or the level of investigation.

The Club Committee Member will then communicate the results of the investigation to the complainant via email, detailing the findings and conclusion.

If a member of the club has breached club rules, code of conducts or policies and procedures, or FA regulations, they could also be subjected to other sanctions from the Club Management Committee, including:

  • Warned as to future conduct
  • Suspend from membership
  • Remove from membership any person found to have broken the Club’s Policies or Codes of Conduct

Safeguarding Concerns

If a safeguarding concern needs to be reported, the first point of contact will be the Club Welfare Officer, who can be contacted on:

Billy Proudlock on 07572 102629 or 

If the complaint is about the Club Welfare Officer, please report any concerns to:  

Amateur FA Designated Safeguarding Officer, Dyahanne Sappleton – or 07904 649876.

Please also refer to the Club Safeguarding Policy or the FA Safeguarding Policies and Procedures.

If you feel a complaint/concern has still not been dealt with sufficiently, please contact the County FA Designated Safeguarding Officer, Dyahanne Sappleton on: or 07904 649876

If after this, you still feel there has not been a sufficient outcome, please refer to The FA Whistle blowing Policy (as outlined below).

The FA Whistle blowing Policy

If you have reported a safeguarding concern about a child, young person or adult at risk, and are dissatisfied with the way the concern has been handled, there are several organisations you should escalate your concern to.

Within Football External to Football
Club Welfare Officer
Check the club website, speak to a committee member or your coach
Local Authority Designated Safeguarding Officer
Check your local authority website
League Welfare Officer
Check the league website, speak to a league committee member
Call 0808 800 5000
County FA Designated Safeguarding Officer The Police
Non Emergency: 101
Emergency: 999
The FA’s Safeguarding team