Civil Service 6 – Alexandra Park 0

SAL Senior Div 2 | September 16, 2017

This isn’t going to be a very entertaining report this week. Writing it is like acting in your own Crime Watch reconstruction; the painful memories come flooding back.

The squad was full of optimism coming off the back of a strong performance and a defensive clean sheet, now also welcoming back strength in the wing forward positions. Unavailable was Tim, Redford, Hills & Reader.

It didn’t take long for the opposition to score their opener. An easy throw into the striker’s feet who laid it off to an un tracked runner who powered a strike in off the bar.

It wasn’t one-way bombardment as AP constructed their own attacks, racking up the corner count in the first half. If 2-­0 wasn’t a tough enough mountain to climb, Civil Service added a third when a lofted ball once again into their striker was controlled with a few kick ups followed by a sweet turning volley high into the top corner. Too much space but what a goal. The score went into halftime 3-­0. Requiring a miracle, AP tried to get the basics sorted and do what they could with the second half. The home team scored their fourth goal directly from a corner, whilst their fifth was from the second phase of a short corner. Whose men were they?

To rub the last bit of salt all the way into the wounds, a splittng through ball found the striker who nicked the ball past the goalkeeper and rounded into an empty net. It was a shambolic performance from AP with only a couple of lads who can really say they performed well individually. I think the phrase is ‘not at the races’.

The opposition playing the ball calmly out of the back frustrated us as a team, and led us vacating defensive positions. What I would say is that usually if you lose 6-­0, you sit and think it could have been 20… but in this case, it is remarkable how it even got to 6, and moreover, how we didn’t get a goal of our own. It wasn’t one way traffic and there were plenty of chances that easily could have been a goal on another day.

Let’s move onward and upwards and respond in the best way possible by showing everyone that this game was just a fluke.

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