Alexandra Park 10s 3 – Alexandra Park 9s 2

SAL Minor Div 4 North | March 25, 2017

Scorers:  M.Brough, Yiassoumis(2) (AP 10s) / Carver, Hooten (AP 9s)

As the weather turns due to the seasonal shift a rare game in warmth and sunlight allowed the racecourse to bask in all its glory. However a combination of the ground being rock hard and a circling wind conditions today were going to be very challenging for the ball playing team that we are. A slide tackle today would earn infinite respect, but would leave you without skin for 8-12 weeks as OZ can testify.

We lined up in our all black kit due to numerous kit clashes and the wind behind us and just as quickly as kick off had arrived we were 1-0 up when Alex Y converted from close range from an exquisite Harry Blake delivery. The games tone in the first half had been set with some great football from both sides. The nines were then awarded a penalty as H. Blake went from hero to villain with a tackle so late a premier league referee may have given it. Up stepped Robert Holder against the Vladimir. What happened next is something so rare (nearly as rare as the skipper scoring from open play) when Vladimir got down to his left and pushed the ball away, jubilation for the tens. Unfortunately two minutes later our defence was breached and it was 1-1.

Harry Blake was keen to amend for giving away the penalty and whipped in another corner. Quick thinking Jack Dudmish flicked it on towards the near post were it cannoned of the oppo’s hand and we had a penalty. The skipper convinced he had given the keeper the eyes was surprised when the keeper went the correct way. Luckily / expertly the penalty nestled in the side netting and it was 2-1. Again the nines came charging out the blocks and a defensive mix up which is a rarity saw the nines striker place it into the bottom corner. At this point everybody was catching their breath much due to the frantic end to end action and a great crowd had grown before the other el classico in the 3pm kick off.

Just before half time Will Dudmish was set free and much to the skippers bemusement he cut back in and lofted in a pass only he saw , at the back post Alex Y towered over the left back and despatched the ball to make it 3-2

Half time arrived and this is where this report ends due to a stale mate in the second half. Matt Piner coming on and solidifying the defence lead to what he described as a ‘war of attrition’ as no real clear cut chances were manufactured in the second half.

MOTM: Yiassoumis

Editors note: Report submitted by AP 10s

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