Old Lyonians 5s 0 – Alexandra Park 10s 4

SAL Minor Div 4 North | February 11, 2017

Scorers: Yiassoumis(3), Piner

Polar numbing conditions this weekend as the tens made their way to harrow for an away day at Old Lyonians.

The skipper began to organise the team by what it would have looked to an on-looker (or the team in fact) as a man who couldn’t add up to eleven. Eventually this was settled and a 3-4-3 with wingbacks was formed and dubbed ‘bold’ especially away from home.

The tempo was immediately set from the off by Ap with quick football (all on the ground may I add) exploiting the space created by our front 3 roaming all over the pitch. Alex Y converted a poorly cleared corner and it was 1-0. AP continued to dominate despite Old Lyonians having class especially in there midfield. The skipper would turn provider for Alex Y twice in 10 minutes and it was 3-0. At this point Max had already had made up his mind he was MOTM despite a first 30 minute hatrick for Alex Y who bought his finishing boots today.

Halftime dawned and the artic chill wasn’t going anywhere fast. The second half begun and it was a lot tougher kicking up the hill. Immediately Lyonians had their tails up and were starting to play more football. Despite this we did what we do best and broke up the play and began to play our own football with outlets on the wings and upfront.

Throughout the second half there were some great 50 / 50’s and big tackles much down to the conditions making it a very enjoyable match. Sam was doing his best Oz impression sliding around needlessly at times but doing a brilliant defensive job

The final goal was something of legend. Feros broke down the wing and a very dubious not given foul allowed him to continue his run. The wingback system was in full flow at this point as Matt piner (LWB) found himself on the goal line and put it into the roof of the net. The skipper asked him about the finish on the run back to our half. ‘I just closed my eyes’ years of experience needs no sight and class will always remain (4-0)

A brilliant team performance were everybody turned up on the day and left everything on the field. A massive thank you to Danny and Andy for taking the gloves either side of the game. A solid debut for Harry Blake in the back 3 and a welcome back to George Coleman after his excursion of India.

MotM: Yiassoumis

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