Alexandra Park 7s 2 – Crouch End Vampires 5s 0

SAL Minor Div 3 North | April 30, 2016

Scorer : Miller (2)

Our penultimate game was against local rivals the Vamps, and even though we were only playing for pride we didn’t want to lose this one. I was concerned whether we were going to get a team out at all, with a number of regulars away we trialled a couple of new players, Jonas came in goal for us and David slotted into midfield.

AP started in lively fashion having the run of play and dominating possession during the first half. On several occasions we worked our way into good positions but couldn’t get a clear sight of goal. Ben and Ditmar were causing problems for the Vamps defence on the wings and George battled like a terrier in the middle. The defence looked solid and with Vamps playing quite deep we were rarely troubled. The breakthrough came around the 35 min mark with Oli who has been a reliable talisman in the last few weeks getting the better of the defence and lashing home, 1-0 AP. Vamps reacted in typical fashion hacking at anything that moved and turning the air blue with the c word.

Going in at half time we were by far the stronger team and although Vamps improved slightly in the second half we looked solid and compact, Jamie was winning everything in the air at the back and Jonas showed some good handling, though James didn’t thank him for the short goal kick that nearly handed an equalizer to them. Oli got involved in every scuffle the Vamps created but answered their goading by dispatching a second goal into the corner to loud celebrations, before being hastily removed from the ensuing violence. In previous games this is around the time we would concede, piling needless pressure on ourselves before capitulating in the last minute, but not today. Today we held firm, kept our composure and defended like a Leicester team who know they won’t be beaten. Unfortunately we won’t be champions, but beating the Vamps… I’ll take that.

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