Alexandra Park Club AGM – March 15th, 7pm

The AP Club AGM will take place on Tuesday March 15th from 7.30pm sharp at the club. The AGM is open to all paid up members. More details will be released soon.

Please make an effort to attend and have a say in how your club is run.

Summer Tour


This summer AP will be sending a delegation over to Slovakia to take part in a 4 team tournament in Slovakia. The tournament is organised by former AP left back John Murphy’s new Slovak team and takes place in the picturesque village of Trnavá Hora.

The trip includes 2 nights in Bratislava. Approx cost is £150-200 + flight.

Signup deadline is the end of February. If interested please email Pat.

Weekend Results

2s & 8s had no game. Womens were postponed.

1s AP 0-3 Alleyn Old Boys
3s AP 2-4 Old Parkonians
4s AP 7-0 Old Parkonians 6s
Cadrot, Kenga(2), Fox, N’Gola, Reader(2)
5s Broomfield 3s 3-0 AP
6s Crouch End Vamps 4s 1-5 AP
7s Crouch End Vamps 5s 3-1 AP
9s Winchmore Hill 9s 3-2 AP
Croft, Davies