AP 10s v Civil Service 8s - Sat. 6th December 2014 #FootballRemembers

AP 10s v Civil Service 8s – Sat. 6th December 2014 #FootballRemembers

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Training Update

Starting this week training for 1s-6s will take place from 8-9pm at New River.

Your own squad number

We are giving AP players the unique opportunity to allow them to buy their own squad number and shirt. This will allow you to wear your own unique numbered shirt no matter which team you play in!

We are selling numbers 15 – 65 (although we could accommodate higher requests) at the great price of £30 a pop. Your number will be unique to you, your shirt will be yours to keep, and your number will be published on the website and newsletter.

Should you be interested in buying a number, please email Dave McLoughlin stating the number you want and the size.

First come first serve on numbers!

Weekend Results

1′s No Game
2′s AP 5-2 Norsemen
Kelly(2), Hubbard, Gunes, Hughes
3′s AP 5-2 Winchmore Hill
Wood, Tabram, Bates, J.Smith, Johnson
4′s Old Parkonians 5s 1-1 AP
5′s AP 2-3 HSBC 6s
Bowhill, Wilson
6′s Winchmore Hill 8s 2-0 AP
7′s Crouch End Vamps 6s 2-4 AP
8′s AP 3-3 Old Parkonians 9s
Glasser(2), Jenkins
9′s Old Salesians P-P AP
Postponed until 20th Dec
10′s AP 5-0 Civil Service 8s
Women′s AP 3-0