Alexandra Park 9s 3 – Broomfield 7s 6

Minor Division 5 North | March 8, 2014

Goals: Wilson(2), Fletcher

After an entire season of harassment I convinced my chum to experience the wonders of an AP matchday.

I gave a promise of pure fun and enjoyment. Very quickly that had evaporated. Traffic in London was bad causing a massive rush of acceleration, never seen from me on a football field, to Norseman’s disabled toilets. Two important points about this. …. Firstly the toilet was the worst smelling toilet in the history of the world even before the flush was invented. This ruined the wondrous pleasure of relief by the nostril murdering sensation experienced in those WC’s…. and secondly due to our equal desire not to burst a bladder and inability to find the regular toilets, only then did we have to use the disabled ones.

The next removal of fun for my chum was the realisation we’d have to put up the nets, flags and, for this unique home game, open a clubhouse. One key given, three doors and 6 locks. .. It was like the Crystal Maze but without the joy of jumping around for paper money being hurled around by a leaf blower.

Being on cry offs this week, the lower teams suffered a high proportion of late cry offs, which added to my woes. But with players arriving in quick succession, great teamwork had us ready in plenty of time. … which an hour earlier had seemed a pipe dream.

A game against a strong top of the table team began. .. The pitch was inconsistent and boggy. I stated to a player that this would hinder the opposition’s passing game and aid our ‘qualities’.

A good start had us further up the pitch, a first goal for Chris Wilson after good play got us in to a lead. At that point our opponents knew they were in for a game. With the ball switching teams often the opposition for a goal. It was disappointing but still very early. Already our defence was starting to good levels of determination. Chris O’Hare winning many a 50/50 challenge. Sadly a mistake cost us another goal. So we had gone behind despite our best efforts. A slight positional juggle helped us perform a little better in Central midfield. …. In short I moved myself out of there!

A great through ball by Peach was met by the effervescent Fletcher, with a very tidy finish.

What we needed to do now was play solid and keep the mistakes at a minimum. … Sadly this was not to be. A goal Just before and Just after half time cost us. We kept plugging away despite the downfalls. Some tactical changes didn’t quite produce the nudge we needed.

With some pressing play Wilson got his second with a polite header. But with not much of the game to go it was not quite enough to get us back in to the game.

And so it was, a 6-3 defeat. A deserved victory for the opposition, showing clear evidence of why they are top. Despite conceding six our defence played very well. Torq, Asim, Pollard and O’Hare. A man of the match goes to Asim, won so many headers and read the game well. O’Hare was a close second, who had been out for many a game, won lots of tackles and ran hard throughout.

So with my chum’s first game he commented on the good nature of the club and great bunch of team mates. And with lots of new ideas. …I have many. … and a few players coming back I’m in high spirits over how we can finish this season.

A special mention and congratulations to the 8th team who won in their semi on penalties. Cracking stuff.


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