Old Uffingtonians 0 – Alexandra Park 8

AFA Middlesex/Essex Senior Cup | November 2, 2013

Scorers: Kelly (3), McVey (2), Morris (2), Patterson

A game not really worth an extensive report given the difference in quality of the sides.  I did feel sorry for Uffingtonians, they are clearly a club desperately struggling for numbers and their current side should not really be matched up at this level.

A few highlights to emerge from the game…

– The skipper opening his account for the season with a delightful cushioned finish.  Whilst some of the lads absurdly claimed the game had entered a new phase of play before it rolled under the keeper, I would offer it up as a tutorial of quite exemplary implementation of placement over power.  The best strikes do not always need to touch the netting.

– A Matt Kelly hat-trick involving just the one penalty.

– Marc McVey giving it the ‘non celebration’ after bashing one in, before tackling his way through half a team for a goal as attractive as his conquests in the Wenlock.

– Jack Morris being the world’s weakest header away from a perfect hat-trick.

– The most disgusting ‘yellow card’ tackle you have ever seen on a dazed and confused Andy Brown.

– Chris Nicholau’s against the wind piledrivers that are still floating around somewhere in West London.

– A sheepish Lee Carlin being faced with prospect of gang retribution late in the game.

Whilst it was far too one sided to say it was ‘just what we needed’, it was nice to relax a little bit and get some touches of the ball.  Safe to say that Polytechnic on Saturday will be equivalent to playing a different sport.  Onwards and upwards.

MOM: Pennycook. Cheap award to build confidence prior to a busier upcoming Saturday.  That’s me playing the media that is.

AP : Pennycook, Carlin, Patterson, Reich, Fernee, McVey, Nicholau, Kelly, Brown, Gallagher, Scrase (Adjekwei) (Morris)

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