Broomfield 7s 7 – Alexandra Park 9s 0

Minor Division 5 North | November 23, 2013

As I travel to Wales on a family trip for my 30th I ponder over my next move. Managing the 9s is not like chess, I cannot spend time mulling over a decision in the knowledge I will be able to counter what the opposition will be able to throw at us. It’s a tough board I’m given. I’m not saying we’re a team of pawns, but we’re lacking the attacking Knights and dynamic Bishops. This is proven in the inability to score goals and create attacks.

Now I know I digress; particular because we last badly and I wish to overlook the result, I’ve just turned 30 and need to think more deeply or maybe to show that I don’t just randomly choose tactics and formation.

As a big red tabloid would write. ..10 man AP lose… this obviously ignores the fact we’d well lost the game before losing a man.

A 7-0 defeat and despite our changes we have always kept a tight defence…. this game was not the case. We’ve kept good passion. .. this game was not the case. But we’re moving straight on from a loss to a top of the table team. Next game we’ll be back to our roots, again trying something different. I imagine a much changed squad will be put in my hand, but my desire and passion remain strong. This is something I look to instil into the players.

Looking forward to showing a better face of the 9s on Saturday. Any new 9s players. … it’s about having fun but trying hard to, so expect to be worked and to give it your all, a win is just around the corner.

Wins mean much more if they don’t happen every week!

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