Broomfield 7s 2 – Alexandra Park 8s 0

Minor Division 5 North | October 19, 2013

This season has been great for the 8’s so far, we have been playing well (very well in patches) and have a settled nucleus of a team. Unfortunately we unravelled this week against a Broomfield side that we really should have put away. We have beaten much better teams so far and we all trooped off deflated – hopefully this will kickstart our season and we can turn this poor performance around.

The game started positively enough and we passed the ball around effectively with Shane and Reece working well on the right and Gerry getting onto good balls up top. Alas we could not maintain a bright start and it was not too long before we were 1 – 0 down, if I remember correctly we had a corner and then about 30 seconds later the ball was in the back of our net. I’m a bit hazy on the details but I think a ‘Could do better’ applies all round, although it must be pointed out that keeper Gus had no chance.

We did have some good passing and attacking play in the first half – unfortunately the final, killer, ball never came and a few of us must look at ourselves for taking too long on the ball when doing the simple thing is (usually) the right thing to do. Taking three touches is pointless if you can get the pass away with one or two – we need to learn that there is no time on the ball and Broomfield nicked it off us time after time. We have also got to stop shooting from bad areas when we have done so much good work to get into dangerous positions – one more pass unlocks defences lads and we must work on this.

One of the key reasons we have been getting good results and playing well is that the back four and the central midfield have been solid as a rock and have been getting the ball out of the danger areas early to our wingers. Liam and Reece can burn past defenders and put quality balls in but they did not have enough of the ball to be as dangerous as they have proved they can be in this match.

Half time came and went almost as quick as the first half seemed too – that was 45 mins? You sure ref????

We had very few chances in the second half, despite going down hill. We rarely troubled their keeper and I think we were offside more times than we had shots – terrible! However, the addition of Niall on the left of midfield seemed to sure us up and he played very well, was positive in all he did and never wasted possession of the football.

The second half saw us getting more frustrated as we continued to waste possession, Broomfield scored a second goal and we were done for. Gus made two or three brilliant saves to keep them out as long as he could (one great tip onto the bar) but their relentless possession finally proved key.

Readers, I have to hold my hands up for ‘spitting the dummy’ at being subbed off which I have apologised to the management for – I felt like Gary Lineker in Sweden EURO 1992 being hauled off by Graham Taylor – that’s right, nothing like contemporary references here! There was no place for it and it was born from pure frustration with the game and the way we were playing when I know how good we can be.

Roll on next week.

MOM – I’ll let Tom and Eric share the magnum of champagne this week. Eric for never missing a tackle or a header and for his constant infectious energy and Tom for being Mr. Cool, winning everything and being solid as a rock at centre back.

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