Alexandra Park 9s 1 – Old Lyonians 5s 2

Minor Division 5 North | October 19, 2013

Scorer: Heath

Another week, another improvement, just not enough to get the result we are relishing.

Another slow start from the slightly changed AP 9s. We just don’t look great in the first 30 minutes, however be prepared for something different this weekend! At this point I will mention this is where everyone needs to turn up promptly, some people get to the game with 30 minutes to spare. It’s a team effort putting up the goals and nets, this will be used as a criteria for selection, with the 10s playing this weekend there are players raring to play competitive AP games.

With 2 goals from the opposition not entirely deserved, we found ourselves behind with barely the first half midway. Obviously it’s possible to fear the worst, but to our credit we continue to plug away and continue to keep things tight despite not offering much from a final ball or great attacking play.

“Insert Whistle Noise” – A penalty was awarded, I am still unsure as to why (not to say it wasn’t a penalty, I was probably in a fit of rage telling Chris O’Hare the differences between football and rugby). The captain excitedly stood up and then followed up with what can only be described as “sportingly playing the ball into the corner of the goal for the keeper to gratefully pick up”. The half time whistle went, this was a gutting moment for myself and I quite literally gave myself a talking to on my car journey home for my penalty error, but not to worry I will still be taking them going forward.

Nether-the-less it was half time, a chance to regroup, a chance to reignite our engines. We came out fighting. A long throw from Elliot was poorly defended by the opposition, Sam Heath headed well to the direction the keeper was coming from to leave the keeper bemused. It was an early goal leaving us plenty of time to get another. A better second half with some decent football, just without the cutting edge. Our team needs goals, but we will get them as a team.

Some game positives; big thanks to Nigel for offering a solution to the over excess players. Also thanks and a well played to Ram in goal, he didn’t cost us a thing in goal and happy to utilise that option again. Man of the match goes to Sam Heath for tirelessly looking to get a result. People still need to get fitter, smoke less, have 2 less pints on a Friday night and turn up promptly.

The main positives, as unfulfilling of our potential we have been playing, we have been having very close results. So we haven’t been rolling over, we have kept strong. With no 3 points at stake in the next game, just a potential trip to Wembley…….or similar ground of mass importance, we hope to get a win.

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