Scorers: Lepkowski, J.Dudmish

So the last game of the season and with the cry off’s on Friday and Saturday morning 14 became 9 so I am indebted to Burwell (moving back to play at the right level for his ability) and Dudmish the young and Dudmish the even younger for answering the call. In addition Tom came along with his damaged hamstring to try and play if required.

Crouch End are a very strong side with a win today giving them promotion to the 4th division. They started in very positive fashion but found Bafta Boy in inspired form ahead of a back four very well marshalled by Burwell, with Olly producing another top performance and Dudmish the young having an excellent game at left back.

Midfield was a real battlefield with Peter and Derek winning the tackles and getting the ball down and playing some excellent passes. It was a close call who would score first but from a corner the ball bounced around the area and eventually found its way into our goal off the proboscis of the Captain as he tried to clear the ball.

We then produced the move of the game with Peter bewildering the defence with a sharp turn and crossing the ball into Gerry to finish from 6 yards. Half time and it was our turn to kick downhill. The problem was that the Crouch End team never stopped running; they were younger, faster, very tough in the tackle and passed the ball well, although we could match them on the last two points it was the first two which were causing us problems. We shipped 3 goals but never gave up and from a corner Dudmish the even younger turned the ball in for our second goal.

This is my last game as Captain and I am pleased to say that I have left the team in the division I found it: when I took it over 6 years ago we were in Division 4 and in my first season as Captain I managed to get them relegated to Division 5. I leave the team in the very capable hands of Matt Piner for next season (subject of course to a fully transparent and democratic election process –ed.) and he will be leading them in Division 4 as we have been promoted from Division 5. Unfortunately I can’t claim any credit for the promotion as its due to the 9th team entering the league.

At the club dinner I will be buying a beer for anyone who has played with me in the 7’ths, who has been an official at one of the games when we have played or who has been on a club committee while I have been a member. Bear in mind when Tony “Ranieri” Bent was in charge of selection ( trust me this player is good ) we had 100 different people play for the 7th’s that season, then it could be just the boost the economy needs .

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