Scorer: Keverne(2)

Quarter final of the cup against a team that were a division below the oppo who we had beaten in the last round. What could go wrong? Some players expressed surprise that there was a game and had made other arrangements, some were working so I am indebted to J Lambert esq for providing 3 players. Jack ” I have been watching my dad’s fitness video ” Morris , Pat with the Irish surname but is apparently English and Angelo with the longest Greek surname who is Greek ( maybe if they taxed the Greeks by the number of letters in their names it could sort the economy out , just an idea as nothing else is working).

Now I am an optimist by nature but I am strictly vauxhall conference compared to Tom. Lads we are only 3 games from winning the trophy came the cry from the changing room. Unfortunately the changing rooms at Albert Road have paper thin walls and I think that the rallying cry by Tom had more impact on the Merton team than us. We started slowly and despite John hitting the post which would have put us ahead we weren’t creating enough pressure on their goal.

Defensive mistakes, lucky bounces and the odd bit of skill by their tricky front 2 saw them go 5 nil up. The skipper was then felled by a thunderbolt of a clearance to his face which led to the introduction of Scudamore and that was how the first half finished. The second half started like the first and English Pat was briefly confused by the pace of the game (compared to the 4’s) and hacked a player down to give them a penalty. 5 then became 6 and that suddenly seemed to get us going.

We were awarded a penalty which Tom saw saved but he made amends by beating the keeper from 25 yards and scoring with a header. There was then a brief melee in our penalty area when one of their players raised his handsi , I know they were raised as he had one of ours by the throat. While the crowd waited for Carter to produce the inevitable red card he appeared to suffer a bout of colour blindness and produced a yellow ( the ref actually did have a good game ) . It was only left to their pacey front two to combine to make it 7-2 . Bryan King in goal was immense and saved us on at least 5 occasions when left one on one by his errant defence. So its back the league , I am on the piste for the next 2 games so I will leave you in the capable hands of Captain Torq.

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