AP Fireworks Night this Saturday

AP Fireworks Night

This Saturday is the annual AP Fireworks Night. The event starts at 7pm and is open to all AP Members, their friends, family, pets, girlfriends, lovers, chaperons, companions, mates, sidekicks, assistants, protectors and consorts for APs most socialable event of the year.

Fixtures for Saturday 3rd November

This weekend sees the debut of AP’s 9th XI who will be playing friendlies throughout the rest of the season. The Vets also return to action in the 2nd round of the AFA Vets Cup. Selection for all teams can be seen here.

1’s: Home vs Norsemen – Meet 12.45pm @ Racecourse

2’s: Home vs Lloyds TSB – Meet TBC

3’s: Away vs Old Lyonians – Meet TBC

4s: Home vs Broomfield – Meet 12.45pm @ New River

5s: Away vs Reigatians – Meet 11.45am @ Victoria Station

6s: Home vs Old Actonians – Meet 12.15pm @ Albert Rd

7s: Away vs Crouch End Vamps – Meet 1.15pm @ Vamps

8s: Home vs AP 9’s – Meet 12.45pm @ The Club

9s: Home vs AP 8’s –  Meet 12.45pm @ The Club

Vets: Away vs Nottsborough – Meet 11am @ Bounds Green