Scorer: Scantlebury

I have been playing for this club for a number of years now and the reason I keep coming back is because is because I love it. It is very rare, even in the face of a huge and often humiliating defeat, that I would ever say that I did not enjoy the game in some way. This match was one of these rare occations where it was not fun at all.

After a great run of really stong performances we went into the game feeling pretty confident that we get a result. The Vamps 6s are a good, strong team but they are also the mouthiest bunch I have ever come across. Unfortunately a few of us let their constant snyping and childish insults get to us and we lost our heads and therefore our shape. We were two nil down before we managed to compose ourselves and against this team it proved too big a mountain to climb.

At half time the newly formed Communist collective (formed in the abscence of our leader Chairman Brough) all voted (with a clear two thirds majority) to go to 5 in the midfield and that changed things immediately. We started competing physically with them (Derek, John and Scott getting really stuck into their midfield) and we started creating chances. With a bit more luck we could have got back into the game but mid way through the half a relatively tame shot was wickedly deflected past Max in our goal for 3-0 (which was celebrated like the winning goal of the world cup final) and that was pretty much that. John scored a consolation from a brilliantly

struck free kick but they finished the game off in the last minute with an equally brilliant long range effort that left Max with no chance.

A crap day all in all which was rounded off nicely by us giving the oppo the traditional three cheers which was not only ignored but also sniggered at. This has happened a few times recently so I am assuming that I missed the memo about this tradition now being obsolete. Oh and the ref was 20 mins late so we played the last quarter in semi darkness.

Thanks for listening to my pain – I can now go back to the bottom of the garden and get back to eating the worms.

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